Calling all Witnesses,

After an amazing  few years of big nights, brilliant live bands, DJs bringing the rude business, disgraceful displays of hedonism from the witnesses and all kinds of general party mayhem, we've decided to call it a day and lay 'Can I Get A Witness?' to a well-earned rest. 

We did originally say we'd be back on October 7th, but real life shit got in the way and made that impossible - sorry to disappoint you folks.  We're really disappointed too.  Shortly after that, one third of our little CIGAW? crew, DJ Milster,  is due to drop a sprog, which kind of throws everything into the air as you might imagine.  Ultimately though, we came to the decision that CIGAW? had run its course; that we'd kind of peaked with that insane last night in back June, and that all good things must come to an end...

... For now anyway.

We may be back some day.  There may be a reunion.  We may start new things.  Each of us will almost certainly pop up doing solo DJ stuff elsewhere.  As always, watch this space.

It just remains for us to thank (from the bottom of our record bags): every one of you who ever came to one of our nights; all the amazing bands who played; the guest DJs; the awesome management at The Thunderbolt; those that helped with promotion; those who took photos for us and those who generally supported us in a million other ways.  You are all wonderful.  Thank you.

See you somewhere, sometime soon.

Vicarious, DJ Milster and Wiley Lad

After the insanity of our last night on June 3rd (read about it on our 'Past Events' page), we're taking a well-earned break over the summer to recharge the batteries an ting, but we'll be back bigger and better than ever on 7th October 2011.  

Sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed of developments, as well as any crafty DJ mixes we feel like making over the summer.  

Vicarious, DJ Milster & Wiley Lad  xxx

New Top Ten Tunes:


Your faithful resident CIGAW? DJs have just recently updated their Top Ten Tunes lists for this month.  Head over to the 'Meet The DJ's' page to find out what making a their pants a mess right now.

You might well hear some of them at our next CIGAW? night on June 3rd.  See you there!

M x
This is gonna be the last one for a little while (we'll be back on October 7th), so we're throwing everything at this one to make sure it's our biggest and best CIGAW? yet.  (Plus it's one of the resident DJs birthdays, so expect things to get messy!)

Head over to the 'Upcoming Events' page to find out more.  It's gonna be amazing.

See you at the bar,

Matt x


Hell yeah!


And the CIGAW bus keeps on truckin' like a plane on rails, gathering momentum and beheading the unwary with its wings of awesomeness…

You'll find a proper review of the night over on our 'Past Events' page, but this is just to say a few much deserved and very heartfelt THANKS YOU's to:

Every single Witness who came out and shook their stuff (especially those that stayed all the way to the Tina Turner finale), to our guest bands Land Of The Giants and Waiting For Kate who both kicked all manner of arse, to DJ's Mishima and Wily Lad for playing up a storm, to the ever-lovely Landlords and bar staff, to the lady with the hula hoop (you know who you are), to those who always come out to support every CIGAW night, to those for whom this was the very first time, and of course to those that came back for the afterparty...  You all helped made it an amazing night - our biggest and best CIGAW ever...

...that is, until the next one on June 3rd.  Haha - this one is gonna be something really, REALLY special.  We've managed to get Dubblehead to play.  If you know them you'll be excited.  If you don't know them, go and Google them.  Go on.  Do it now.  They are incredibly good - one of the best live bands you will ever see.  Seriously.  Oh, and it's my birthday, but that's not important.  June 3rd.  Put it in your diary.  Find a babysitter.  Kill the dog.  Wear a meat hat.  You know it makes sense.

M x

p.s. there will be a few crappy photos from the night up on the website soon, as soon as i can be arsed to get them off my phone.  If anyone has any good ones they'd like to share from that night, please get in touch.  Cheers then.

This time our band selection has a bit of a dancey-ska theme to it, plus we've got a a very special guest DJ.  Head over to the 'Upcoming Events' page to find out more.

Should be a belter.  See you at the bar!

Matt x




Damn... what a night!  It's taken a 3 days for the brain cells to regrow enough to write this, so it must have been a big one.  Check out the 'Past Events' page for a full write-up, and the 'Photos' page for some pictures from the night. 

Just wanna say a HUGE  thank you to all the witnesses who turned out in such massive numbers to come and get down with us.  It was by the far the most people we've ever had at one of our nights and your support really meant a lot, not only to us, but to the bands and of course our resident landlords Dave and Sophie.

We hope you all had a great time.  Come give us a shout on our Facebook page if you did, and we'll see you all at the next one on Friday 1st April! 


M x

We had planned to do something a little bit... different for our on-the-door giveaways this time, but that idea has been put back to when the weather is (hopefully) better (our June 3rd night maybe). Sorry about that, but it'll be worth the wait...

So to make up for this, we've been busy putting together a couple of proper mad funked-out mixes to giveaway on a shiny, limited-edition, shiny picture shiny CD.


The first 50 witnesses through the door will get one, so come early. Doors open at 8pm.

So spread the word, invite everyone you know on Facebook, and i'll buy you all a drink *


(* Terms and conditions apply, see below)

(T&C's: To claim your free drink, you must turn up in a kilt and a gorilla mask, and be able to adaquately explain the film 'Donny Darko' with a ping pong ball in your mouth)

Back With A Bang!


Happy new year folks!    Hope you all had a wicked one.  We've recovered from all the self-abuse and pig lurgy in time to bring you the first 'CIGAW?' of the new year - now with 2 bands for (less than) the price of one : SOURMASH and VIBRATRONIC!

Head over to the 'Upcoming Events' page to find out more. 

See you either at the bar or down the front,

Matt x




Despite all the hoo-ha leading up to this one and the bloody awful weather, the Witnesses (that's you lot) did us proud by braving the elements, turning up and bringing the ruckus.  A MASSIVE  thank you to everyone who came - you all rock hard, and we hope you all had a good time. 

THE FABULOUS BEAVER BROTHERS put on an absolutely blinding set while keeping everybody guessing;  pin-balling between soul/funk goldies like 'Play That Funky Music Whiteboy', and tits-out mental renditions of tunes like 'On A Ragga Tip' and 'Rappers Delight', giving each tune their very own special 6-piece live band treatment.  And by god it worked!  Pretty much everyone in the place was jumping around on the dancefloor like nutters by the end of their set, and the band earned mad love from the organisers, the landlord and (most importantly) all the Witnesses in attendance.  Well done guys - you absolutely demolished it!

The DJs did a sterling job on the night too, in particular resident DJs Wilsta and Milster, who dropped some of the best tunes I think we've ever heard at CIGAW? - excellent sets you guys.

Final thanks have to go to CIGAW morale officer Marcus for the good vibes, and the landlady Sophie for letting us go on MUCH longer than we should have (obliging the repeated calls of "ONE MORE TUNE!" from the dancefloor).  Oh, and to those who stayed dancing to my house and breaks set until the bitter end - good work dance-monkeys!

Well, that's us done for another year.  Thanks for all your support at our recent nights, we hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and new year, and we'll see you at the next one on FRIDAY 4TH FEBRUARY 2011!

Matt x